Estates and Facilities Innovation Exchange

Estates and Facilities Innovation Exchange

EMAHSN collaborated with Eastern Academic Health Science Network to hold an Innovation Exchange in October 2019, aimed at addressing some of the challenges that managing the NHS and wider public estate presents.

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EMAHSN collaborated with Eastern Academic Health Science Network to hold an Innovation Exchange in October 2019, aimed at addressing some of the challenges that managing the NHS and wider public estate presents.

 These challenges include:

1. How might we improve estates utilisation across a health and care system through use of innovations?
- How can we manage room/facility/equipment booking across estates (possibly including non-NHS premises and link booking to clinical rostering)
- How can we understand the utilisation of space across multiple estates (possibly including non-NHS premises)?
- How can we better use non-hospital estate given that most of the care is not delivered in hospital premises?

2. How might we reduce energy and wide utility costs in our health and care estates using clean tech?

3. How might we support better day-to-day operations and maintenance of health and care premises? 
- How can we ensure appropriate infection control (relevant to the use of the estate in question)? 
- How can we monitor and maintain equipment across a portfolio of estates? (For example, temperature monitoring and automated alerts to failing refrigeration equipment)?

4. How can we assist people with complex needs to navigate their way around our premises (wayfinding)?

Engage and consult – needs definition

In response to a request from three of their STPs, Eastern AHSN developed a set of draft challenge statements that aimed to define the problems that could be lessened or resolved with appropriate innovation.

In the East Midlands the initial drive to start asking our own STP colleagues about Estates and Facilities challenges came about as a result of positive conversations with innovators who wanted to showcase their related solutions.

Explore challenges and identify solutions  

The two AHSNs brought their efforts together with a workshop in July 2019.  An advisory panel representing providers and commissioners, primary care, community and acute provision from across our geographies helped us refine the challenge statements which became the focus of the Estates and Facilities Innovation Exchange in October.

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust presented their work with the Scan4Safety programme. Royal Papworth NHS Foundation Trust also shared their work to transform their estate management culture as part of their move to a new hospital site. Delegates then heard about how other industries are creating innovative and flexible work spaces around the world.

Nine innovators gave a three minute pitch for their products and services ahead of an afternoon in an Innovation Zone, where conversations were facilitated between innovators and delegates generating a significant number of commitments to explore opportunities to collaborate.

Ongoing collaboration

Following the event,  East Midlands AHSN is announcing a call for project proposals. Organisations from across the health and social care system are invited to apply to EMAHSN for funding support to undertake demonstrator projects that real-world test innovations showcased at the event. Other digital and technological solutions responding to the challenge statements will also be considered.

EMAHSN will provide funding for the applied innovation, evaluation of the impact and development of the business case to support sustainability and spread.  Organisations that apply will be required to resource and manage successfully selected projects, providing all necessary project, IT, mobilisation and governance resource for the period of the demonstrator project.

For further information and access to the project proposal submission form, please email