Mental Health

Mental Health

Increasing studies show that mental health and physical well-being are more closely linked than initially thought. Mental health plays a part in comorbidities for conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular health, it also affects healthy ageing.

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This innovation exchange aims to bring together different stakeholder groups from the public sector, industry and not-for-profit organisations to ensure that mental health is embedded in all health programmes. In addition, a focus will be on looking at innovating patient pathways and touchpoints to support hospital and non-clinical settings that may come into contact with vulnerable people. 

The NHS needs a far more proactive and preventative approach to reduce the long-term impact for people experiencing mental health problems and for their families, and to reduce costs for the NHS and emergency services.

- The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health 

How can innovation help?

Innovation can help through changing how existing processes work for example Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) is a new way of working with mental health service users who experience a high number of mental health crisis events. This model uses a specially trained police officer who works full time with mental health teams, advises on boundary setting and has proved to reduce instances of high-risk behaviour.

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Desired impact / Outcomes

The desired outcomes of this innovation exchange are:

  • Useful tools and evidence based good practice that can be replicated
  • New relationships between innovators and clinical stakeholders developed
  • Collaboration between innovators and clinicians to produce ideas and technologies that are fit for purpose
  • Improved mental health for vulnerable and those at high risk of poor mental health in south London