NHS Workforce Crisis

NHS Workforce Crisis

The NHS Interim plan published in June 2019 sets out the staffing challenges facing the NHS. There are not enough staff to meet current NHS needs and sustain the organisation into the 21st Century. The plan explains key areas where change is required to ensure success.

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Although there are more and more staff joining the NHS this is still not enough to prevent a workforce crisis. The Interim NHS people plan encourages recruitment, better ways of managing staff and exploring new technology to make processes and jobs easier. 

As part of this, HIN run the Digital Accelerator in partnership to support innovators with good ideas to create products and services that work for the NHS in the context of south London. Further to this we host events that put key stakeholders and innovators together to discuss solutions and find opportunities. 

“We are securing the future of our NHS for generations to come with record investment through our Long-Term Plan, but there’s no question: we need more staff and a more supportive culture to make that plan a reality.”

- Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

How can innovation help?

There are lots of innovations on the market to help with NHS recruitment, training and team management - the challenge is quickly matching the innovations to the NHS Trusts that need them the most. We host events to showcase innovations and facilitate important conversations and networking opportunities. We aim to connect stakeholders and innovators through these events, so that they can learn from each other and collaborate to mitigate the workforce crisis. 

Contact us to find out more about events and how you could help with this NHS challenge.

Desired Impact / Outcomes

The desired outcomes of this innovation exchange are:

  • Trusts sharing positive stories and case studies
  • Linking innovators to stakeholders that might benefit from their innovation
  • Networking between local stakeholders and international partners that have faced similar challenges 
  • Improved ways of working within south London NHS that reduce rates of staff attrition,  increases value for money and reduces unnecessary costs.