Social care

Social care

With a growing population of older and disabled adults, London’s demand for care is placing the social care system under huge strain. Further to this, London Councils estimates that boroughs across the city have experienced a combined loss of more than £4 billion in core funding since 2010 (a reduction of around 63%). We need to think differently about how and where services are delivered, utilising digital solutions to maximise the workforce and care provided.

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Health and social care systems are critical to maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of Londoners. We need a digital revolution in adult social care, starting with exploring how social care services could be delivered digitally. Technology has the potential to help free up staff time by enabling users to access services digitally, thereby improving their independence, efficiency and wellbeing and reducing the need for in-person care visits simply for reassurance. Where this type of digital solution has been implemented, service users report that it helps to increase their digital literacy and independence and reduces their social isolation. It has also led to more flexible working for social care staff.

We are worked with our members in south London to host an Innovation Exchange event on the ‘Digital Revolution in Social Care’ on the morning of Friday 13 March 2020 at St Thomas’ Hospital. The event brought together key stakeholders in this field together and showcase the most cutting-edge digital innovations to both inspire and practically help our industry partners to shape the future of social care delivery. 

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How can innovation help?

As an innovator, the following challenge statements will help you respond to our local needs:

1.    How might we maximise digital solutions to support our stretched social care workforce?
2.    How might we use digital solutions whilst providing a high-quality and personalised care for our adult population?
3.    How might we support joint health and social care working for our older populations?

Desired impact / outcomes 

The desired outcomes of this innovation exchange challenge event are:
•    valuable feedback and engagement from local decision makers, health and social care practitioners and adult social care service users
•    networking opportunities for innovators working in this field
•    enlightening showcase of innovations in this field for health and care professionals 
•    future partnerships between innovators and health and care teams formed.

Status: Active 

We’d love your feedback on these challenges. Please get in touch by emailing, or if you missed the ‘Digital Revolution in Social Care’ Innovation Exchange event you can see a glimpse of what you missed below. 

Social Care innovation exchange video