AMaT by Meantime IT

AMaT by Meantime IT

AMaT (Audit Management and Tracking) by Meantime IT, is a tool which streamlines auditing, improvement and guidance requirements into one simple, easy-to-use system, saving time and money and leading to improvements in care.

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Clinical and nursing staff at four Trusts in north west England are embracing digitally enabled quality and service improvement through using this clinical audit platform.

Clinical audit can be an essential tool to increase efficiency and effectiveness and reduce unwarranted variations in care, establishing whether healthcare is being provided in line with standards and showing care providers and patients where their service is doing well, and where there could be improvements.


How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The AMaT system was developed in partnership with Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Innovation Agency has helped Meantime to spread it to three other Trusts in the north west region.

Impact & Outcomes

More than 2,700 staff at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals now have access to AMaT, out of the 7,000 employed. Alongside increasing the transparency and visibility of activity, it is making audit simple by guiding staff through the audit process resulting in improved quantity and quality of audits.

The clinical audit department at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals has saved over £40k by not replacing retiring staff, after taking on AMaT. Throughout theTrust overall there were previously around 250 audits every year using the old system; in one year after using AMaT, there were 467 audits and quality improvement projects registered.