CareHound by Consentricare

CareHound by Consentricare

CareHound is a  free mobile app for people organising elderly care, designed  by Consentricare, a healthtech start-up launched by two friends, after experiencing difficulties accessing information and organising social care for their elderly parents. Nearly 1.4 million older people in the UK are missing out on the care they need, due to difficulties in accessing information about what is available to them.

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By Consentricare


The app helps family and friends navigate the local health and social care environment, with access to information for relevant services and entitlements gleaned from local councils and healthcare providers.The app aims to help patients and families make more informed decisions, potentially reducing delayed transfer of care and pressure on the system.

The CareHound app is currently available in Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Kent, and a national rollout is now taking place with the assistance of Bucks HSC Ventures as a partner.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Through the Bucks HSC Ventures programme, the Oxford AHSN provided a commercialisation workshop, to help direct Consentricare’s future-customer discovery, develop their value proposition and further develop their product. The workshop also used the Business Model canvas, which allows companies to visually map out their business structure, in a light touch way, and see if they have a viable model. Companies are encouraged to go out and test all of their key assumptions on these canvases, as part of their customer discovery.

The Oxford AHSN also provided Consentricare with an NHS perspective on how their solution meets the clinical need, supplemented with input from a social care perspective provided by Buckinghamshire County Council. This helped Consentricare think about  the system in a more holistic manner and tailor the  CareHound app accordingly.