Locum’s Nest

Locum’s Nest

The staff bank management app created by and for doctors connects clinicians to locum work in healthcare organisations. Locum's Nest allows primary and secondary care organisations to take back control of staffing, avoiding the inefficient and expensive agency middleman.

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Locum’s Nest matches doctors to short-staffed shifts within preferred healthcare organisations across a chosen geographic area via cloud-based platforms for the management of NHS bank and temporary workers. Locum’s Nest is working with over 20,000 doctors; 20 NHS trusts across all specialties and grades; and more than 100 GP Practices. To date they have matched over 100,000 shifts and reported savings in one Trust of £3 million in 10 months.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Having become aware of Locum’s Nest via the Innovation Exchange, UCLPartners is extending awareness of Locum’s Nest in our local region. Locum’s Nest has recently been implemented in North Middlesex University Hospital and is at various stages of adoption in other Trusts. We hope to support Locum’s Nest over the next year to scale within the region where it meets local need.  

Impact & Outcomes

  • Successfully working with over 20,000 doctors, 20 NHS trusts, three GP federations and more than 100 GP Practices. 
  • Over 100,000 shifts matched
  • Reported savings in one trust of £3 million in first 10 months of use 

Implementing organisations are achieving significant cost savings; fully-staffed shifts leading to better patient care; improved continuity of care; greater clinician satisfaction; savings within the payroll department; and increasing freedom from costly staffing agencies.