Malinko’s Intelligent Service Management system has been co-designed and developed with community healthcare professionals to ‘free up time to care’ in NHS community services. It is a clinically safe and ‘intelligent’ scheduling system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and clinical algorithms to optimally manage the delivery of patient care services.

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Malinko’s Intelligent Service Management system for NHS community services. The Malinko system has two components, a web application used by community team leaders to schedule patient care and manage the service and its distributed workforce and a  mobile application that is used by Healthcare professional who visit patients in their home

Impact & Outcomes

  • Productivity gains of over 10%: using the Malinko scheduling system instead of the clinical Senior Nurses can schedule and book over 100 patient appointments in just 20 minutes saving thousands of hours per annum of senior nursing time on caseload scheduling.
  • Improvement in staff and patient satisfaction.
  • Reduction in the cost of delivering the service.
  • Reduction in scheduling errors – missed visits
  • Improvement in the quality and safety of the service.