Stroke Telemedicine

Stroke Telemedicine

The Digital Pioneer programme has helped to implement secure video communication to connect paramedics with local specialist stroke consultants from their ambulance.

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Every year in the East of England, about 6,000 people suffer a suspected stroke. Around 40-50 per cent of these will be having a stroke ‘mimic’ – a condition exhibiting symptoms that resemble a stroke, but may not need an emergency hospital admission. This programme allows stroke consultants to advise paramedics for more effective triage.  

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Eastern AHSN originally gave £5,000 to train 12 paramedics in Ipswich; in March 2019, it gave the Stroke Telemedicine Service an extra £4,480 to train another 12 paramedics in Norfolk.  

Impact & Outcomes

This service has the potential to save vital hours of unnecessary resource in hospital emergency departments through the provision of an earlier diagnosis and triage. With a reduction in the number of stroke mimics assigned to emergency departments and an improvement in stroke diagnostic acuity, this technology is ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate care.