RAND Europe publish new study looking at healthcare innovation landscape

RAND Europe publish new study looking at healthcare innovation landscape

Posted on February 21

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RAND Europe and the University of Manchester have published a new study on the potential of innovation to help deliver an efficient and effective healthcare service. The AHSN Network features regularly in thisĀ report as a key player in bringing about the right improvements for our health and social care system.

Publicly financed healthcare systems around the world are facing increasing pressures to deliver high-quality care with limited resources. These pressures are accentuated by the need to respond to a growing and changing nature of demand in light of factors such as aging populations, a growing burden of chronic diseases and comorbidities and drives towards more personalised treatment provision.

Innovations spanning technologies, products, services and new ways of working provide opportunities to respond creatively and effectively to growing to the challenges facing healthcare systems.

However, such innovations need to be accomplished within well-recognised resource constraints, and both policymakers and wider stakeholders often lack the appropriate information, evidence, capabilities, resources, relationships, incentives and accountabilities to effectively support the development and uptake of innovations that can improve the quality of healthcare services and benefit patients.

Against this context, RAND's latest study has been conducted and conclusions are now availableĀ in the full report.