With great healthcare need comes a demand for skilled professionals to support a diverse population. Finding the right people for the right job in the right area can be incredibly challenging leading to skilled specialist staff being over-utilised, general workforce pressures and significant knock-on effects in times of absence.

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This Innovation Exchange reaches across the entire domain of health and social care: wherever care is delivered there is a workforce in need of support. Through networking events, outreach projects and inviting industry in to talk to us, we are making connections across industry to identify what solutions exist to support the workforce who support patients every day.

How can innovation help?

Innovation can help by streamlining processes, supplementing resources or disrupting old ways of working with newer, more productive ways. By asking yourself;

  • How can currently existing pathways be made more effective?
  • How might services save money through using new technology?
  • How could the lives of clinical staff be made easier through the use of innovative technology or ideas?

…you might be able to think of how products, services or ideas could remarkably shape the health and care landscape for the better.

Desired impact / Outcomes

  • Offer networking opportunities between innovators, SMEs and NHS organisations
  • Identify key workforce issues and the technology that can be used to make effective changes
  • Establish long-term partnerships across healthcare and industry to meet these needs and identify the needs of the future