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The AHSN Network can provide you with valuable support in accessing funding opportunities and developing successful partnerships. We lead large regional networks, and our impact rests in our ability to bring people, resources and organisations together, delivering benefits that could not be achieved alone.

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Will Lilley

Associate Director

South West
Matthew Lawrence

Head of Industry and Innovation

Julie Hart

Director of Strategic and Industry Partnerships

Dina Makar

Health Tech Advisor

Dr Mo Hourani

Health Tech Advisor

Tori Scaglioni

Project Support Officer

West of England
Christine Jordan

Health Network North Manager

North East and North Cumbria
Jordan Hewitt

Project Support officer

North East and North Cumbria
Rob Hull

Research and Innovation Associate

Jillian Owens

Programme Manager

Kent Surrey Sussex
Victoria Christie

Intellectual Property and Contracts Manager

North East and North Cumbria
Nick Harrison

Market Researcher

North East and North Cumbria