Physiobuddie is an innovative therapy service that provides its users with step-by-step progressive rehabilitation via the following mediums: expert help, video tutorials and information sections. Physiobuddie is bespoke, pre-designed and progresses in line with the service users rehabilitation ability. The flexibility and functionality offered by the Physiobuddie system empowers the patient suffering from a wide range of needs and assists all abilities.Physiobuddie offers increased access to physiotherapy services without requiring physiotherapy staff (faceless or face-to-face) :- Physiobuddie provides daily rehabilitation and advice to ensure optimal self-management by following the parameters of the program set. Communication can be provided by email and in app messages. 

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COVID-19 Project:

A patient is identified as needing COVID rehabilitation. A Patient completes a specific COVID assessment built within Physiobuddie. The patient completes the assessment online and based on their answers/symptoms, Physiobuddie delivers 1 of 3 programmes, easy, medium or hard. Once the pre-planned easy, medium or hard rehabilitation is prescribed the patient completes the Physiobuddie COVID-19 rehab program. After (Following successful completion of) the rehabilitation program, the patient completes their “repeat assessment” on Physiobuddie.The repeat assessment scores given by the pre-designed assessment determines the patients next stage; which would be either repeat or progress along the rehab pathway for COVID-19. 

  • Increased adherence and service user engagement
  • Interactive feedback loops to monitor the patients progress
  • Increase exposure to rehabilitation services. 
  • Aid in a paperless department.
  • Positive health economics / cost saving objective
  • Assist with the CQUIN framework.
  • IG, clinical safety and patient confidentiality/consent

Improved clinical outcome and reduced complications

Physiobuddie is a secure cloud based hosted service used across the NHS and has been subject to strict IG requirements, and as such is fully compliant with the IG requirements of Connecting for Health and NHS England. Physiobuddie sits within the N3 network and can be accessed via N3 or via two-level authenticated secure access via the public internet.

Physiobuddie is Cyber Essentials Plus Accredited.
DSPT Accredited.
Physiobuddie works closely with Ethos LTD, an IG consultant overseeing Physiobuddie’s IG. Physiobuddie has a dedicated data protection officer (DPO).
Physiobuddie has a dedicated clinical safety officer and a completed hazard log.

Physiobuddie has completed the DCB0129