PRIME IoT is a smart solution to monitoring and recording patient data. It utilises wireless sensors and the PRIME IoT hub which can transmit vital signs to the user's own phone or tablet.

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PRIME IoT consists of a range of wireless sensors including a thermometer, a pulse oximeter, a BP cuff and a 12 lead ECG. These devices are wirelessly connected to the PRIME IoT hub which can tramsit the data to any connected device of choice including the user's own phone or tablet.

PRIME IoT is designed for use in primary care to help reduce the burden on GP practices with regards to home visits. It is also useful for researchers, first responders, community nursing teams, care homes and hospitals.

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Impact & Outcomes

PRIME IoT's main benefit comes in its ability to provide greater community care by allowing clinicians to review patients without the need for expensive and time-consuming home visits. The PRIME IoT system can be used by care home assistants or community nursing teams to send data back to the GP practice for review - reducing the need for GPs to perfom home visits.

PRIME IoT also reduces the amount of time clinicians and researchers have to perform administration tasks such as typing up reports and re-typing patient data, whilst also removing the possibility of manually entering data incorrectly. PRIME IoT is fully integrated with the EMIS patient record system allowing GPs to log patient data with convenience and accuracy.